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Our schedule welcomes all skill levels, genders, and ages (7 and up.) We are currently open Monday-Friday with classes scheduled four days a week, three times a day. Our gym also offers drop in rates, and different programs for partial attendance. We have gear available for purchase, as well as plenty to use at the gym. Our facility is large (Three levels) with plenty of matted space, including weights, cardio equipment, showers, lockers, and change-rooms. We carry a team atmosphere realizing that each personality brings its own unique highlight to our team. A regular class consists of a cardio warm up, followed by drilling technique on bags and pad work, concluded with a stretch/cool down. There is no contact between members outside of holding pads for team members. Our Coaches regularly switch up the pace, and focus within the classes to keep the workout exciting for our members. A mouth guard and cup (for men) is required. Other protective gear is available for use within the facility.

Youth Grappling

Learn how to use grappling techniques such as clinch fighting, takedowns, joint-locks, pins and throws ...

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Youth Kick Boxing

We focus on simple concepts and combinations, kickboxing strikes, defensive postures, head movement, and boxing ...

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Kick Boxing

Drills are designed to give you a great workout without intimidation so there's no sparring ...

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Designed to teach both traditional boxing as well as boxing for the purpose of MMA ...

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Cardio Kick Boxing

An empowering workout that engages your entire body to build tone, strengthen, and improve flexibility ...

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Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand that uses striking along with various clinching ...

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No GI Submission Grappling

A combat sport, martial art, and efficient, effective self-defense system that focuses on ground fighting ...

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