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Ladies! Come along and try our cardio kickboxing class, and bring your teenagers along to get them active this summer too! We are family friendly and cannot wait to meet you. Send us a message right now using the simple form below and we'll get back to you to arrange a session.

Cardio kickboxing, led by our coach Blake McVitte, is an empowering workout that engages your entire body. Lose weight, build muscle tone, strengthen and improve flexibility. A martial arts inspired class that combines kickboxing principles with mid to high intensity cardio drills. Learn more about our MMA and fitness classes and Blake here.

Are your teenagers playing too many video games already this summer? Sign them up for our general striking or grappling classes with Shane and get them up and moving! Fitness and MMA discipline are great for all kids. Learn more about Shane here.

Don't love it? Don't pay!

Drop in classes cost just $20 per class, and we are so convinced you will love it we will give your money back if you don't. Or for incredible value, sign up for unlimited access to our classes for you or your teenager for just $92 for an entire month's subscription. Check out our prices here.

For a friendly chat about our classes and how we can help, email Dawn at with any questions, or register your interest in CardioKick using the instant message form right here.

Hope to see you soon,

Team Black Box MMA.


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